Golden Nugget Real Money Sports Betting App

About the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook is the sports betting application for the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Golden Nugget is a national casino operator with properties in multiple states around the country. The Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app is exclusive to Nevada. This app uses different software than previous incarnations of the app.

The Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app is also different than Golden Nugget sports betting apps in other states. Players looking to wager with Golden Nugget sports wagering apps in other states will have to register and fund accounts in each respective state.

The Golden Nugget is one of the few remaining independent sportsbook operators in Nevada. The lines, odds, and point spreads are unique to the Golden Nugget. Specifically, professional basketball wagering is very different than every other Nevada casino.

The Golden Nugget is owned by Tilman Fertitta. He also owns the Houston Rockets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Nevada does not allow casinos to take wagers on a sports team if it has the same owner as the casino. The Rockets are not available for wagering at Golden Nugget NV sportsbook app. All NBA futures odds are different from other sportsbooks since the Rockets aren’t available.

The Golden Nugget is located in downtown Las Vegas. Customers for the Golden Nugget include tourists familiar with the brand name, Nevada residents, and professional bettors. The sports betting lines are sometimes influenced by the many tourists visiting the popular casinos.

The Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app, and all sports betting apps from Nevada can only be used within state lines. The app provider uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device.

All Golden Nugget app users must have a 24K Select players club card as well as be 21 years of age to open and use the account.

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook software

The Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app is entirely powered by Stadium Technology software. Most Nevada sportsbook apps use Stadium technology for backend technology. Some Nevada sportsbooks, like the Golden Nugget, have been migrating to use Stadium Technology software for both the back-end functionality as well as the skin.

The user interface is easy to navigate and similar to the other sports wagering apps that use this software. The main difference from other Stadium Technology apps is the color scheme, odds, and wagering options.

The Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app features the same color scheme as the brick and mortar casinos. The app has a black background with white text and gold trim.

The software is intuitive and easy to use. Because this is an independently operated sportsbook that doesn’t offer odds on an NBA team (Houston Rockets) there are unique wagering options for professional basketball and beyond.

The app only offers In Play wagering for select games and events. Live betting often only features moneyline, point spreads, and totals that are updated in-house by the Golden Nugget.

One of the best features of this software the ability to submit weekly picks for the annual Ultimate Football Contest. The previous version of the Golden Nugget sportsbook app did not offer this convenience. This functionality can save contestants a weekly trip to the retail sportsbook in downtown Las Vegas.

If there’s a downside to the new Golden Nugget NV sportsbook app it’s that the lines and odds are only available to those who have an active account. This should change with the next app update.

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook sign-up

Players may download the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app anywhere but must sign up for an account in person at the brick and mortar Golden Nugget Sportsbook in Downtown Las Vegas.

The initial sign-up process is simple and should take about 10-15 minutes to file paperwork.  Everyone who signs up must have a valid ID and active 24K Select players club card. Anyone without a players club account should visit the 24K Select counter in the casino first to sign up for an account before visiting the sportsbook.

Use Golden Nugget Sportsbook bonus code PLAYBONUS during sign-up to receive a $250 bonus bet. When you make your first bet it will be matched by Golden Nugget for up to $250 and that’s whether the bet ends up being a winner or a loser.

Funding Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook accounts must be funded in person at the brick and mortar casino in downtown Las Vegas. The minimum deposit to start an account is $100. Players may only fund an account in person at the physical casino using cash.

Types of bets with Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook

The odds, point spreads, and lines should be the same on the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app as they are at the casino sportsbook. Players can make the following bets:

  • Point spread (full and partial game)
  • Moneyline (full and partial game)
  • Totals (full and partial game)
  • Parlay (games and futures)
  • Round Robin
  • Teaser
  • Futures
  • Propositions
  • In-Play (when available)

Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook has a large betting menu with unique odds that are exclusive to this sportsbook and mobile wagering app. The Golden Nugget sportsbook is fairly quick to post lines and odds for upcoming events.

This is a sportsbook that caters to professional bettors as much as tourists and local residents. The odds, point spreads, and lines are often among the best in Nevada.

The odds may also be different than other sportsbooks in Nevada. Downtown Las Vegas sees a lot of tourists from Hawaii and the Midwest. These visitors may affect odds differently than other casinos which may not take wagers from these visitors or professional bettors.

Minimum and maximum wagers with Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook

The minimum wager with the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app is $5. The maximum wager may be different for each customer. The Golden Nugget is known to take wagers from professional bettors. However, since this is an independently operated sportsbook the wagers may not be as high as some larger casino companies.

Mobile wager limits in Nevada are often lower than over the counter limits inside of the casino. Players should speak with the sportsbook manager if they would like to place high-limit wagers.

Withdrawals from Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook

Players may only withdraw funds from the Golden Nugget NV Sportsbook app at the brick and mortar Golden Nugget sportsbook. The only person who can withdraw funds is the person who signed up for the account.