How To Sign Up For A Sports Betting App In Las Vegas

Written By Marc Meltzer on January 6, 2022
Be sure to sign up for a Nevada sports betting app for the Super Bowl

Nevada is the granddaddy of sports betting in America. Before the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, it was the state that offered the most extensive legal sports betting in the US.

Nevada, Las Vegas, in particular, is seen as the epicenter of sports betting. However, the regulations and technology in NV are behind those states that have legalized sports betting in the past few years.

These differences will be highlighted when people visit Las Vegas to watch and bet on the Super Bowl. Sports bettors without existing Nevada sports betting app accounts will be in for a bit of a hassle because of these differences.

In person registration for a sports betting account

There are two major differences between Nevada sports betting apps than those offered in other states. First, signing up for new sports betting app accounts must be completed in person at a sportsbook inside of a casino.

Nevada sports betting app customers can begin the signup process on a mobile device anywhere. However, the process can only be completed inside of a casino at a designated area of the sportsbook.

Nevada sportsbooks are not allowed to offer completely remote registration like other states. This can be frustrating for those who are used to a simpler process available in other states with legal sports betting.

Signing up for a sports betting app doesn’t take much time but the procedure is different than other states. That can confuse some visitors in Las Vegas. Additionally, traveling to a specific sportsbook to use their app could take some extra time.

Nevada sports betting apps are not linked with other states

The second major issue with Nevada sports betting apps is that they aren’t connected with those in other states. This is surprising to most visitors to Las Vegas and incredibly frustrating.

For example, a BetMGM New Jersey account will not connect with a BetMGM Nevada account. BetMGM customers will have to visit one of the following MGM Resorts sportsbooks to sign up for a new account.

  • Aria
  • Bellagio
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • New York-New York
  • Park MGM
  • The Mirage (the sale to Hard Rock won’t be completed until later this year)

BetMGM makes the signup process simple but a sports betting app account in NV can’t be used until it’s verified inside the casino sportsbook with a legal ID.

Many Las Vegas casinos have brand ambassadors around the sportsbooks to help speed up the process.

This technology hurdle is such an issue that Nevada wasn’t part of the new Caesars sports betting app launch last year. The sports betting apps for BetMGM, Caesars, William Hill and Wynn from other states will not work in NV.

The signup process isn’t the same for all properties and there must be at least one visit to a casino to place a bet with that particular app.

Guests must leave the Vegas Strip to sign up for some of the most popular sportsbook apps. For example, someone must visit the Westgate just off the Vegas Strip to sign up for a SuperBook account.

Sports betting apps are crucial for Super Bowl in Las Vegas

Sports betting apps are very important when visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sunday is the single busiest day at all Nevada sportsbooks. Depending on the property, it could take up to an hour to place a single bet on the Super Bowl in person at a sportsbook. Finding a seat inside of a sportsbook to watch the Super Bowl is difficult and can be costly.

Nobody visiting Las Vegas wants to stand in line waiting to gamble. Having a Nevada sports betting app will save time for anyone wanting to place a bet during Super Bowl weekend.

Most casinos will have a separate line for new sports betting app customers. This is an effort to save time due to the antiquated sports betting regulations. While waiting to sign up in the special line shouldn’t take as long as the main betting windows, it’s still a poor use of time in Las Vegas.

Anyone looking to sign up for a new sports betting app account in NV should do so as early in their trip as possible.

How to sign up for a mobile sports betting account

Signing up for a mobile sports betting account in NV isn’t difficult. Even though the process isn’t the same for all sportsbooks there are a few commonalities.

  • Download the sportsbook app
  • Begin the signup process on the app if allowed
  • Make sure to have a casino rewards card. Most sportsbooks require this.
  • Bring legal ID and complete the signup process inside of the casino sportsbook.

Since Las Vegas sportsbooks will be extremely busy during Super Bowl weekend this process could take a little longer than usual.

After the initial setup, players may add or subtract funds from the sports betting app. The only time a sports bettor has to physically be inside of a casino sportsbook is to complete the sign up process for a new account.

Why is Nevada like this?

Nevada is a very different state for gambling. There are more than 400 casinos throughout the state.

Nearly 150 of those casinos are located in the Las Vegas valley. This includes casinos on the Vegas Strip, in downtown Las Vegas and nearby area.

NV gaming regulations have to appease casinos of all sizes and locations. The government has operated this way for years.

Casino operators are fighting to keep gaming regulations in the dark because this works best for their business models.

These companies want sports bettors to visit a casino to set up a mobile account. The goal is to keep old habits in place so customers continue visiting the land-based casinos.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) tentatively approved remote account setup for cashless gambling inside a casino. Sports betting was not part of this tentative approval.

There’s no timeline when the NGCB will consider remote account registration for sports betting apps.

Visitors to Las Vegas will have to finish signing up for a mobile sports betting account inside of a casino for the foreseeable future.

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