Super Bowl, Las Vegas Style: Where to Watch and Bet

Written By Marc Meltzer on January 5, 2022
5 Ways To Watch And Place Bets On Super Bowl In Las Vegas

Watching the Super Bowl in Las Vegas is different than just about every city in the US. There are more viewing options in this city than anywhere else.

Those who want an “Only In Vegas” experience and don’t mind paying for it have the pick of the litter for Super Bowl viewing venues in Las Vegas. Similarly, some don’t want to spend a penny for the privilege of watching the Super Bowl.

To each their own! Choosing the cost and the location of watching the Super Bowl in Las Vegas are a matter of what fits individual preferences.

Sports bettors in nearly 30 states can watch and bet on the game at home. Many are happy to stay home to watch and bet on the Super Bowl in the same place.

The one thing that all Super Bowl bettors have in common is betting on the games. Super Bowl weekend is one of the busiest of the year in Las Vegas and there are typically long lines at the sportsbooks. Additionally, recently installed kiosks inside the casinos should also have long lines before kickoff.

It’s wise to place bets the day or night before a game. Many visitors will find a Nevada sports betting mobile app inside the sportsbook to save time waiting in line.

Nevada sportsbook apps are not connected from state to state. For example, BetMGM app customers from NJ will have to download and sign up for a separate BetMGM Nevada account.

Anyone signing up for a mobile sports betting account should do so in advance. The process is simple but takes about 10-15 minutes. Nobody visits Las Vegas to stand in line.

Since there are many different types of people to cater to, there are a variety of venues with different price points to watch and gamble on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Here’s a breakdown of the different ways to watch Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

For anyone looking for the tl;dr version of this article – watching the Super Bowl on the Vegas Strip will cost more than watching it elsewhere in Vegas.

Head off the beaten path for free sportsbook seats

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days for Las Vegas sports betting. Demand to sit in a sportsbook is so high that many casinos are charging a fee to reserve a seat.

Sportsbook seats are general admission 90% of the year and reservation fees surprise many visitors. This isn’t absolute but a good rule of thumb to assume most sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip will have a reservation fee.

Many of the sportsbooks away from the tourist corridor in Las Vegas are complimentary and general admission.

Complimentary seating is first come first served so guests must arrive early to procure a seat. Anyone trying to hold seats for friends should expect dirty looks from others looking to sit.

Free watch parties

Again, most – if not all free Super Bowl watch parties take place away from the Vegas Strip. Since there’s no charge, these are no-frills parties. Anything beyond a chair will likely have a fee.

The free Super Bowl watch parties offer a few things for bettors and football fans. General admission banquet-style seating takes place in a ballroom or private conference room.

There are usually multiple video screens showing the game. Most of the parties will have tables for guests to place the drinks and food they purchase. There’s typically a makeshift bar and snacks available inside the rooms.

Sometimes the casino will have remote betting stations for anyone that needs to place a bet on the Super Bowl.

Large groups will particularly enjoy the free Super Bowl watch parties in casinos. There’s typically ample seating because the rooms are away from the fun and action of the casino floor.

There’s nothing particularly special about this environment. The ballroom/conference room atmosphere could be Anywhere, USA. The money saved on this kind of party could be used elsewhere in Las Vegas. That should make this a serious option for groups.

Go stress-free & reserve your sportsbook seats

Las Vegas sportsbooks are hands down the best place to watch the Super Bowl. There’s nothing like a large group of bettors and fans gathering to watch a game.

Paying to reserve a seat inside a sportsbook guarantees a comfortable way to experience watching the Super Bowl. Standing around the sportsbook for three to four hours during the Super Bowl is more uncomfortable than anyone could imagine.

One upside to paying to reserve a seat at a sportsbook is not having to worry about arriving super early to claim a place to sit.

Reserving a sportsbook seat is a great option for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Prices to reserve Super Bowl seats, couches and tables in a Las Vegas sportsbook vary by casino and size of the group.

Paid Super Bowl watch parties

The paid Super Bowl watch parties can take place in restaurants, bars, ballrooms/conference rooms, nightclubs and anywhere a casino can find room for a TV.

Since there’s a fee for these parties, they’re available at multiple venues inside the casinos. Just about every viewing option on the Vegas Strip will have a fee.

Some of the paid party options are no frills but guests are paying to watch the game in a specific location.
Other paid parties might include drinks and food.

Some “Only In Vegas” experiences include amazing locations with all-you-can-eat and drink options.

These parties are great for anyone that wants a group viewing experience but doesn’t want to deal with anything else. A reservation ensures someone a seat so they can arrive whenever they want.

This takes away concerns about leaving the sportsbook for food and drinks. Even if it’s self-served, it will still be in the same room as the game.

DIY Super Bowl parties

This is a good option for a self-contained group that doesn’t need anyone else to help make their Super Bowl experience special.

Whoever is in charge of the party can make this as extravagant or relaxing as they desire. Control freaks might prefer creating a custom experience in a Las Vegas casino resort.

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