Trust Us, The New STN Sports Mobile App Upgrade Is A Game Changer

Written By Marc Meltzer on November 21, 2017
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[toc]Station Casinos recently updated their STN Sports wagering app. The most significant upgrade was the addition of in-play wagering. In-play wagers are placed while games are being played. Most sports book operators offer full, partial, and in-game wagering opportunities. Fewer sports book operators offer in-play wagering while the game is being played.

In-game vs in-play wagering

There’s a subtle difference with in-game and in-play wagering. In-game wagering is when odds for a game change during timeouts and commercial breaks. In-play wagering is available throughout the event and updated after almost every play of a game.

In-play wagering is popular in Europe, but is really just taking off in the United States. William Hill started operation in the US in 2012, and helped usher in a new era of sports betting. Today, in-play wagering now accounts for approximately 25 percent of all wagers for William Hill sports books.

Station Casinos is looking to take in-play wagering to another level. The new update to the STN Sports app is impressive both aesthetically and functionally.

The Miomni and Stadium Technology Group software offer more options than the other sportsbook operators. There is also live scoring in the app, which others don’t offer. This means you can simply watch the app to see score updates if you’re not watching or listening to the game. Each wagering option on the menu changes after each play.

In-play wagering with STN Sports

When you open STN Sports, you are now greeted with the main menu that lets you choose from:

  • Regular sports betting
  • An enhanced horse racing section
  • Parlay cards
  • In-play wagers

The In-Play section has a notification to let you know how many games are available at the time. Clicking on the In-Play icon will let you see which games are currently available and which will be available once the game begins.

In-play opportunities are available in most sports that you can already wager on including:

  • Basketball (college and pro)
  • Football (college and pro)
  • Hockey (pro)
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

The main In-Play page for each sport shows live scores in case you prefer watching and wagering on games that are close (or blowouts). This is a feature you won’t find available for other apps.

The live score continues when you go to the individual In-Play game screen (pictured below). Depending on the sport, matchup, and when you look at the game or match, there is a wide variety of wagering opportunities. Not every game played on a given day is available for in-play wagering. This makes the notification on the main screen In-Play icon useful.

The in-play wagering opportunities vary for each game. At the beginning of a mid-week hockey game between the New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks, there were 42 different in play wagering opportunities. Meanwhile, the Western Michigan and Northern Illinois football game at the same time only had 16 in-play opportunities.

Types of in-play wagers at STN Sports

The in-play wagering opportunities are all related to the game being played. They don’t include player propositions. Some of the in-play wagering opportunities available may include:

  • Full game point spread and moneyline
  • Half game point spread and moneyline
  • Full game total points scored
  • Half game total points scored
  • Quarter or period totals
  • Three-way wagers (win, lose, draw)
  • Margin of victory
  • First team to score X points
  • Team to score first
  • What kind of score will happen next (i.e. football: touchdown, field goal, safety)

The new In-Play wagering feature looks to be a game-changer for mobile sports betting. The software will be available for other sports book operators who use the Miomni and Stadium Technology Group software in the future.

Those sports book operators include:

Each sports book operator is able to customize the odds they offer so expect an in-play menu similar to the size of the regular sports book wagering menu.

The Station Casinos app isn’t done upgrading yet. The horse racing section of STN Sports will soon offer live and replay video while you wager on races. There will also be live statistics and pre-game articles available for sports bettors.

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