Westgate SuperBook Real Money Sports Betting App

Las Vegas SuperBook is one of the most famous sportsbook brands in the US. SuperBook is also the name of the sports betting app from the Westgate Las Vegas (formerly Las Vegas Hilton).

This is one of the few independently operated sportsbooks remaining in Las Vegas. You’ll only find these odds, lines, and point spreads on the SuperBook app or at the brick and mortar sportsbook at the Westgate.

[toc] The popularity of the retail sportsbook at the Westgate makes SuperBook one of the most popular sports betting apps in Nevada. The ability to place football SuperContest picks from the app has only increased how useful this app can be.

Customers for the SuperBook include professional bettors, Nevada residents, and tourists alike. The brick and mortar sportsbook inside the Westgate Las Vegas is known for taking large wagers. These high roller bets will often change odds for events on the SuperBook app. In turn, the odds for the SuperBook app may different than other Nevada sportsbook apps.

Unfortunately, big bettors still have to visit the Westgate to place large wagers. The SuperBook app doesn’t accept the same large wagers as the retail location. Many, but not all, Nevada sportsbook apps treat sports betting limits similarly.

SuperBook, and all sports betting apps from Nevada casinos can only be used within state lines. The app provider uses a combination of geolocation methods to locate the device. All SuperBook app users must have a Westgate players club card and be 21 years of age to open and use the account.

This SuperBook review breaks down how the betting app works on Android and iOS, how to deposit or cashout as well as any promotions available.

Westgate SuperBook Nevada sportsbook loyalty program

SuperBook customers must sign up with a World Of Westgate loyalty club card. Wagers placed in person or via the app will count towards loyalty club points. Since this is an independently operated casino, players can earn and redeem rewards only at Westgate Las Vegas.

The SuperBook app doesn’t have a specific loyalty club just for sports bettors. World of Westgate is the same loyalty program guests use to earn points when gambling in the casino or making retail purchases at Westgate Las Vegas.

100 World of Westgate Reward Points = $1 can be used throughout the casino and hotel. Rewards Points can be redeemed for free slot play and at restaurants, bars, retail outlets, show tickets, hotel rooms and more.

Sign up for the SuperBook app at Westgate Las Vegas

Signing up for a SuperBook app account must take place in person at the Westgate Las Vegas. Players may download the SuperBook Nevada app anywhere but must sign up for an account in person at the brick and mortar sportsbook inside the casino.

The initial sign-up process should take about 10-15 minutes to file paperwork in person at the SuperBook inside of the Westgate Las Vegas. Everyone who signs up must have a valid ID like a driver’s license and an active World of Westgate rewards club card.

The minimum deposit for new users of the SuperBook app is $100. After initially funding an account, players can make deposits as low as $50. SuperBook sometimes offers signup bonuses for new users. Check with the SuperBook representative before creating a new account.

Paperwork to sign up isn’t available online to prepare in advance of a visit to the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this could add a few more minutes to the signup process.

SuperBook NV app review

The Superbook NV app uses Stadium Technology software. This is a shared technology. A variety of Nevada sportsbook apps use this software. Using a similar sportsbook app platform offers the player a familiar experience.

The SuperBook app uses a similar color scheme as older versions with white text on a dark gray background with yellow highlights. The color scheme makes the SupeBook app easy to read without eye strain.

In order to see the odds in the SuperBook app, players must have an account. Stadium Technology could change this in future versions of the software. The SuperBook Nevada app is straight-forward and should be easy to use for new and experienced mobile sports bettors.

The main menu when after signing into the SuperBook app shows how much money a player has in their account along with any pending wagers. Users can choose to place a sports wager or submit weekly entries for the football SuperContest. The latter option is only available during the football season.

The wagering section has a pull-down menu for each sport with one of the largest sports betting menus in Nevada. The SuperBook NV app also has an extended wagering menu that includes weekly golf odds, in play wagering and exclusive odds only available in this app or at the Westgate Las Vegas.

Live betting on the SuperBook app

The Westgate SuperBook is one of the most established and retail sportsbooks in Nevada. While in play wagering is available, it isn’t the focus of the SuperBook app. The best wagering options at SuperBook are futures and pregame odds.

That said, in addition to in play wagering for individual games, SuperBook offers live odds updated periodically throughout events. This comes in handy for golf events, for example.

Players will find a button to click next to individual games to see current in play odds. Similarly, live updated odds will be available inside of menus for individual sports or an individual event.

Sports betting options

The SuperBook is famous for a few reasons. The massive retail sportsbook at the Westgate Las Vegas is the first visual people have when thinking about this Nevada sportsbook. Big bettors love the SuperBook because they can place large wagers inside of the casino.

The SuperBook is also known for offering a very large betting menu. The SuperBook offers more sports to wager on than most Nevada sportsbooks. Additionally, the SuperBook has more ways to bet on sports in Nevada than most others as well.

Players can make the following bets:

  • Point spread (full and partial game)
  • Look-ahead point spreads
  • Moneyline (full and partial game)
  • Totals (full and partial game)
  • Parlay (games and futures)
  • Round Robin
  • Teaser
  • Futures (teams and players)
  • Head to head player matchups
  • Yes/No Futures (events and teams)
  • Propositions
  • In Play

The variety of the sports betting menu is probably the best feature of the SuperBook app. The odds, point spreads and lines are the same on the SuperBook app as they are inside the Westgate Las Vegas casino.

The SuperBook app offers an even larger betting menu than the retail sportsbook inside the Westgate Las Vegas. In addition to traditional wagers, bettors can make live in play wagers on the SuperBook app.

SuperBook Software

The SuperBook app now uses Stadium Technology software that multiple Nevada sports betting apps use. Previous versions of this app used a different forward-facing sportsbook platform.

Some players enjoy the familiarity of technology when sportsbooks use the same sportsbook app software. The SuperBook app is easy to navigate since it’s similar to some other sports betting apps in Nevada that use this software.

When sportsbooks use the same software, the main difference is often the color scheme, odds, and wagering options. The apps using only Stadium Technology software operate similarly otherwise.

This software makes the SuperBook app easy to use. It’s intuitive for new and experienced sports bettors. There’s one major downside to the SuperBook app. The odds aren’t available to everyone to view. The only people who can see odds in the SuperBook app are those that have an active account.

One of the best features of the SuperBook app besides the large betting menu is the ability to enter weekly picks for the football SuperContest. Previously, contestants had to visit the retail location of the SuperBook inside Westgate Las Vegas or hire a proxy service to place picks every week. This convenience cannot be oversold as it saves time or money.

Another perk for all SuperBook app players is that Stadium Technology apps connect to the casino loyalty club. Players will receive World of Westgate points for all wagers placed using the SuperBook app. This is a feature that isn’t available with all Nevada sports betting apps.

SuperBook banking options: Deposit and withdrawal methods


SuperBook sportsbook app accounts must first be funded in-person at the retail sportsbook inside Westgate Las Vegas. The minimum deposit to start an account is $100. Subsequent deposits must be at least $50.

Funding a SuperBook account after the initial in-person sign up may take place in person at the retail sportsbook inside of the Westgate Las Vegas or online with a Play+ account.

There may be special promotions for new signups. Make sure to ask the sportsbook representative when signing up.


Withdrawing funds from the SuperBook Nevada app can take place in two ways.

Players can visit the SuperBook inside of Westgate Las Vegas to withdraw money.

SuperBook players may also withdraw funds using a Play+ account online.

SuperBook prepaid card details

The SuperBook prepaid card is fulfilled by using Play+. This account may only be started after a sports wagering account has been opened in person at the SuperBook inside of the Westgate Las Vegas.

Play+ is used to fund and withdraw money for many Nevada sports wagering accounts. The online service is an FDIC insured account that players can use to add or subtract funds from the SuperBook app account.

Setting up a SuperBook Play+ account is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Select Menu from the home page
  • Choose My Account
  • Select Account Deposit or Account Withdrawal
  • Join Play+
  • Enter the date of birth and social security number
  • Read terms and conditions
  • Click agree and the account is set up to withdraw or fund an account

Play+ doesn’t charge a maintenance or deposit fee. However, there are some fees associated with the SuperBook Play+ account.

  • ATM withdrawals are $2
  • ATM balance inquiries are $0.75
  • Inactive accounts (monthly after six months of inactivity) is $2.95/month
  • Account to bank transfer is $2

The SuperBook prepaid card is convenient and simple to set up and use. After setting up a Play+ account, a player may fund and withdraw from their SuperBook account without visiting a casino again.